Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Clayton Turns 3!

In December, Clayton turned 3! It’s so amazing to look back and realize how fast time truly does fly! He’s grown up so, so much… he’s our Little “Old” Man!

The birthday bash started off when we had Grandma & Papa and Grammy & Grandpa over for dinner…

... and continued the next day with a Bounce House party IN the Old Barn!

The one request Clayton had for his party, was to have a pinata! No Problem! All the kids enjoyed taking a whack at it! Madison took a swing, while Mason waited his turn...

Justin's turn... then Rena...

Now Conner... then Jack & George...

Finally, it's Mason's turn... Wait a minute... There's Candy in there?!
Then Clayton's turn... and finally, Emily!

Woo Hoo!! Candy!!

Even Stella got in there!
Then the craziness began!

A quick break for cake... and back at it again!

Let me tell you... those things are Not as Easy to Get Out Of as you may think!!
Clayton and his buddy, Logan

Happy Birthday, Clayton!! Sweet Dreams to our tired little boys!

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