My name is Ellen and this little blog began as a means of sharing photos of our first born, with my family, most of whom live about 2 hours away. This was much simpler than forgetting to include someone in an e-mail photo update, and bombarding others who would have gotten along fine without constant photos of our bouncing baby boy popping into their InBox!

And... from there it has grown.
When our second son was born, my husband and I decided that it would be best for all of us, if I would leave my job to stay home with our boys. We now spend so much more time together, which I love, which also allows us to visit the dairy more often.

Now that the boys are a little older, I'm finding that I have a bit of time on my hands to do something for myself once in a while, and somehow that "something" always comes back to Sharing our Ag story. I can't help but be passionate about an industry that has supported multiple generations of both my family and my husband's, an industry where families can learn, grow and work side by side, where we can teach our children the fundamentals of life, all while they think we're having fun!
I still love to share photos of our boys, but we also venture into our dairy farm and the agriculture that surrounds us here in the great state of CA. It is so important to us that our children never take for granted where their food comes from or how it reached their table. We don't just run a business, we are in the business of cow care and comfort, environment protection and advocacy as we work to produce a safe, healthy product that we hope you and your family enjoy as much as we do.

We hope that the lessons we teach here will reach beyond our kitchen table and create a conversation for you to share with your children. We welcome your questions and comments! Thank you for visiting, we hope you come back often!