Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sharing the Magic of the Season - with Elfie

It's that time of year, and Elfie has returned once again!
Elfie is our Elf on the Shelf, our personal "Santa spy" elf that comes the morning after Thanksgiving and stays through Christmas Eve. Elfie silently takes in the events that take place throughout the day, and each night flies off to the North Pole to report to Santa - Naughty or Nice.
This is the third year Elfie has been with us, and the boys anxiously awaited his arrival for at least two weeks before Thanksgiving!
Let's see what Elfie has been up to around the house so far...
His first morning back, he left the boys a message with Scrabble letters!

On top of the kitchen cabinets.

Taking a bubble bath in Mom & Dad's bathroom sink.

This morning Elfie attempted to make himself a hot chocolate - and ended up making a big mess in the process!

Swinging from the light fixture.

During the night before Clayton's birthday, we "barricaded" his doorway with crepe paper and hung paper lanterns in the hallway. Elfie joined in by writing Happy Birthday messages on the picture in the hallway and the bathroom mirror, and adding his own crepe paper decorations around the mirror!

Hanging around the dining room.

Fishing for 'Cheerio fish' in the toilet?!!
Reading the "Elf on the Shelf" book to some friends, over milk, carrots and milkbones.
We shared these photos with our friends at the Dairy Council of California, who also have an Elf encouraging healthy eating habits - #HealthyElf

Hiding out in the wreath on the pantry door - it took the boys well into the afternoon to find him here! Clayton was getting concerned that they had done something wrong and Elfie had not come back from the North Pole!

After Daddy had a talk with the boys about their attitudes one night, it became clear that Elfie is also listening in on the grown-ups!  Hmmmmmm.......

This morning we found Elfie camping out in the living room, tent, snow, trees and all!

I wonder what Elfie will be up to over the next few days!


ROYSFARM said...

Wow! Wonderful photos. It's long time since you have not posted any new posts or photos.

cavs said...

Love the way you have those beautiful pictures. would be a beautiful storyline for kids book.

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Munyole said...

Though the post dates back to 2013, the 2016 December looks alike like this one

Festoo said...

The pics are good. nice photography

University of Nairobi Transport said...

Good Work.Keep it up

Everlyne Ojal said...

this is real nice. good work

dojuma said...

nice pictures.

Thomas said...

Lovely photos and beautiful kids

Esther said...

what an interesting way to teach kids. I agree the photos are lovely and would make a children's story book.

Nyatichi said...

Great way to teach our children. Your work is astounding and you should use them to create a great portfolio

hellen said...

this is owesome

Amos said...

Creative way of playing with Elfie

nyatichi said...

a profound way to teach our kids. this can create good photos for a book

nyatichi said...

this elf has more adventures than i do. well...i dont go anywhere much

jose said...

Nice thanks for sharing