Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Guardian Angel

As I tucked our boys into bed tonight, our youngest casually mentions that we all have a Guardian Angel that watches over us. I said, "That's right, who told you that?"

Cole, 4 1/2 yrs old: "My brother."

Me: "And who is your Guardian Angel?"

Cole: "God."  

Me: "I think God is everyone's guardian angel. We each have our very own special angel, who is yours?"

Cole: "Jesus."

Me: "I think Jesus is also everybody's angel. Who is your very own, special angel? Is it a boy or a girl?"  
Don't ask why, for some reason I expected to hear him say GG Bob or Great-Grandma D, both of whom have passed away in the past few years and are constant topics of conversation in our house. 

Cole: "It's a boy. His name is Camel, he's a camel."

Me: "Your guardian angel is an animal?"  No rule against that.  "Where did your camel angel come from?"

Cole: "Mom, he's the camel who watches over the baby Jesus, he watches over me, too."

And so tonight I learn that the camel in our nativity scene pulls double-duty as a Guardian Angel for one of the most precious gifts in my life.

For this camel, I am eternally grateful and I am so glad that this conversation happened, or I may have never known.

I am thankful to be reminded of the faith, trust and magic held in the heart of a child. Tis the season for magic, and in this case, a little will go a long way. I suspect that tomorrow the tables will be turned, and I will be the one facing the questions. Trouble is, I am guilty of getting caught up in 'grown-up stuff' and losing sight of the magic. I do believe its high time I reconnect with my guardian angel, so that I am prepared when he asks who it is.

And so I pose the question to you... Who is your very own, special Guardian Angel?


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