Thursday, June 28, 2012

How much do you know about Milk?

Looking for a 100 calorie snack?
Looking for a compact Calcium source?
How about a Farm Fresh beverage?

Then look no further than my favorite - Milk!

Check out this fantastic infographic put together by the Dairy Council of California.

The Dairy Council of California strives to bring complete nutrition to the table, by providing materials for health professionals, schools and parents on the benefits of balanced nutrition and fitness.

Teachers can order classroom materials for grades K-12 at no charge and sign up to have the Mobile Dairy Classroom visit their campus.

Check out the My Plate and MyPyramid dietary guidelines for Americans and find alternatives to dairy for those with Lactose Intollerance and Milk Allergies.

In all, Balanced Nutrition and Fitness are vital to a healthy body and life. The Dairy Council of California is a great resource to help pull all of these together.
Find the Dairy Council on FB and Twitter at @Dairy_Council.


Sarah said...

Great info graph! Fat free milk comes from slender cows - love that they added some humor in!

We have had the mobile dairy come to our school and it is AMAZING - I would recommend it to all schools!

North Bay Dairy Women said...

Thanks Ellen!

Ellen said...

I got a kick out of the humor, too, Sarah! So much great info combined into an easy to follow page.

You are welcome, NBDW! Thanks for sharing!