Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thanksgiving 2009

I Hereby Resolve:
To get you caught up on our family chaos and to post updates at least once per week! There is so much fun stuff to share, that I can't seem to just jump to "today" and start posting again! So, let's relive the Holidays with the Durrers! Happy Holidays to you! Enjoy!
How do you keep 2 toddlers occupied while you complete Thanksgiving dinner?

By creating a Scavenger Hunt! This one had cards hidden on every one of our guests and about a dozen places around the house and out in the yard!

Grandpa, where's your card?!
See the card taped to the crib, on Emily's left?
... and on the Candy Land game...
They were busy for about a half an hour before they finally discovered the Treasure Chest!
I think they were more thrilled with the plastic gold coins than they were with the candy!

We really enjoyed spending the day with our family!

Little Cole loved his first Thanksgiving Day!
After lunch, Abby helped the little kids make candy!
Melted white chocolate, rolled into smashed oreo cookies, topped with sprinkles... Yummy!

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