Thursday, March 25, 2010

Winter has Arrived!

The morning after Clayton's birthday party, we were amazed to see snow falling outside! Here... in Modesto... Snow! The flakes were huge, but didn't stick to much more than the window of my car. We got Clayton out of bed early to catch some flakes on his nose... BBrrrrrrr!
Our little guy is growing up... Cole is now in charge of holding his own bottle, just the way he wants it! My little volunteer gave up on helping unpack Christmas decorations when he came across this singing/dancing snowman and penguin... he would just lay on the floor and push the button over and over again!
Bob and Morgen came over with little RJ one evening, Cole was so excited to see another "little person"! We are so excited to meet RJ's little brother... expected to arrive towards the end of March!

Cole and Artie

At the Annual McIsaac Family Christmas Reunion - approx year #75 - we did our best to keep the kids busy while the rain was pouring down outside!

We are so thankful for this photo of our family with my Great Uncle Donald, who passed away just over a month after this was taken. He was a very sweet man, who is missed very much. He will always be in our hearts.

We lost another member of our family just before Thanksgiving... Chris's grandfather, GG Bob. We miss you, Grandpa!

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