Friday, April 23, 2010

Calistoga & St. Pats!

Riding the Mickey airplane and playing with Uncle Mike

Dry Creek Vineyard and Hook and Ladder
Chris & I had our first Kid Free weekend in 2 years! It was an awesome 2 days of wine tasting, good food and great company! Thank you to Grammy & Grandpa for keeping the boys for us! Thank you Ja for having a Birthday so we could get out of town!
Dinner at the Calistoga Inn and drinks in St. Helena
In the barrel room at Opus One... we also visited Armida and Francis Ford Coppola... great wines! :)

This year, Clayton got to help make our St. Patrick's day dinner! Last year, I found a crock pot corned beef recipe that was fantastic... so we decided to go with the same one again this year. Yummy!! With dinner "done" before Noon, we spent the rest of the day making leprechauns and shamrocks. We'll hold off on making the next round of leprechauns until Clayton can cut out the pieces himself!

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The Wife of a Dairyman ~ Nancy said...

Good for you guys to get out and off the ranch for a few days! I love Hook and Ladder winery but I have never had the pleasure of visiting Opus One....maybe one day :)
P.S. My kids love our cottonseed much fun to play in!