Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CA Federation for North American Wild Sheep Dinner

This year, we got to attend the CAFNAWS Dinner in Rancho Cordova with my dad. I've learned a lot from my dad, and just recently I learned from him that it's never to late to start chasing your dream. It was unknown to us kids that he had Always wanted to go on a big horn sheep hunt, and about five years ago, he finally went on his first hunt for a Dahl sheep in Northwestern Territories, Canada. It was a success... and he was hooked!!
Dad and Katie at dinner
In less than five years, he was able to complete his Big Horn Grand Slam, by obtaining one of each of the big horn species - Dahl, Stone, Rocky Mountain and Desert sheep. Dad drew some dream tags which some will account to him being a lucky S.O.B... and some of us say, he deserves it! Either way, he set out with a dream, and the adventure took him much further than he Ever expected it would! Congratulations, Dad!
At the 2010 CAFNAWS dinner, he received an award for harvesting the oldest ram in the state of California. While his ram tied with another hunter's ram, this is still an amazing accomplishment!

Taking a minute to thank his guides from his Old Dad/Kelso Peak Desert Sheep hunt...
and showing off his plaque!

Standing (with approximately a dozen others in the room), to be recognized as having earned his Grand Slam!
David, Chris, Jimbo...
Gary Bordessa went along with Dad on this hunt... Thanks to Dad, Gary seems to have caught Sheep Fever, too!
David & Jenny
Of course... Sue sent along a bag of cookies for the guides! They were fighting over the bag before Dad even handed it over!
Hhmmm... Wondering why they weren't packed in a Safeway bag...

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