Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dane's Birthday Pool Party!

Another 3rd Birthday Party!!
This time it was for Clayton's cousin Dane... and it was our first pool party! Time for lunch... Ryan, Dane & Carin Happy Birthday, to you!

Dane was so excited... he gave a round of applause after everyone finished singing to him!
Waiting patiently for cake...

Clayton trying to eat his lunch so he could have cake... Mom finally just gave in and let him have the cake. He was too excited to even eat anything and we ended up taking our cake home with us!

Cole and Uncle Warren played for a long time!
Of Course you have to take a swim break when there are monster trucks in the back yard!

Cole was SO excited! He yelled at Clayton until I finally put him in the truck! Then when I took him out... oh, geez... you would have thought I was trying to rip his left arm off!

Cole checked out Travis... he was amazed by someone smaller than him! Can't wait for the two of them to play together!

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