Friday, May 07, 2010

Then comes Eddie.
Eddie Rusca discs the ground and gets it ready to plant. Clayton stands at the window and begs me to let him go for a ride!

After about 45 mins, I usually get a call that Clayton is ready to come home. Guess it's hard for a 3-year old to sit that long and Not. Touch. Anything.! :) Still, Eddie is very patient with him, and is always open to a co-pilot! Thanks, Eddie!

After chopping the alfalfa and orchard grass, it's time to irrigate. The first irrigation of the year stirs up all the critters... To be more specific, I'm talking about GOPHERS!! Ugh... they tear up our lawn something terrible if we let it dry out for more than a day or two. Lilo & Stitch LOVE to help Chris & Leo - even our neighbor Rod Wyeth - when they're irrigating. They can hear/smell them coming and are waiting when they pop their little heads out of the ground, trying to escape the irrigation water.

Though it may be gross at times, it's a kick to watch the two of them chase gophers. Stitch will sit and wait for them... pouncing the second they're visible. Lilo on the other hand... she'll toss them in the air for a few minutes, almost as if to torture them for digging up the fields, before ... uh... disposing of them. The photo below is of a baby gopher... those suckers can dig a hole faster than you can believe... I can't imagine how fast the big ones can dig!
Lilo "playing" with a gopher - If I didn't know any better, I would say that it looks like a fish jumping out of the water!
Clayton likes to help irrigate...

Except for when he attempts to jump over the water, and happens to land in it... discovering all too late that it is deeper than his rubber boots are high! Guess it's barefoot irrigating for this trainee, for now!
One day, Cole will have rubber boots of his own!
Ahh... the worst part about irrigating, are the "gifts" that I find all over our yard! Lovely...!

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