Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Tuesday Night Crew reunion!

After high school, a group of us got together to go out or hang out quite often, and we started calling ourselves the TNC, the Tuesday Night Crew - as we never missed a Tuesday night!
Five years ago was the last time the majority of us got together, when Juice and Maria were married in Sweden. This summer, they came to Novato for a month long vacation, and I decided that it was high time we all get together.
A HUGE Thank You goes to Grammy and Grandpa for having the reunion at their house... And for surprising us - Especially Clayton - with a bounce house for the kids!

He had to test it out to be sure it was safe for the other kids!

Angie, Aubrie and Stephanie

Maria, William and Juice
William, Molly, Cole and Bree are all 1 year old, and were born within a month of each other. It was the first time that most of us had met each other's children! The day was so much fun. It was pretty crazy when everyone started going their separate ways, not because we were out of beer, but because the kids were ready for their naps!
Nikki, Brian and Molly

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