Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summertime in the Back Yard!

One of our favorite things about summer is outdoor dining. The boys love it, too! Maybe it has to do with the more casual atmosphere, or the scenery... Mom loves the "hose down" clean up process! And we always enjoy having guests for dinner... this time it was Auntie Annie!

The boys got a kick out of watching the harrowbed pick up the hay bales around the house.

Happy little Cole-man and Mamamama
This summer our garden has Expanded and really taken off...
Clayton has been a big help with watering, harvesting and cooking what we've grown.
Our biggest crop thus far have been the Crookneck Squash... these pics are from one of the first time we picked them. We have 6 plants and so much squash that we had to set up a roadside stand to share with others!
I'm not certain, but it appears that picking squash in your underoos must bring out the hidden flavors! He even helped Daddy cook them for dinner in the same outfit! Gotta love it!

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