Saturday, September 04, 2010

So Much Summer Fun!

This has been a Great summer!! Very few days (less than 10, I believe) have actually reached 100* (compared to an average 20+ days in a normal year) and we've taken full advantage of getting out and about!
The boys had a great time playing with Rylee Trinkler!! She's such a cutie... and it was a big change for them to have a little girl over to play! We can't wait to see her again!
One evening, we decided to head out for some Put-Put after dinner. Clayton was in awe, as this was his first golf trip! He quickly figured out to drag the ball with his club, right into the hole!
Ahh... next year, little buddy!
This summer, we even hit the lanes a few times! The first time Clayton bowled, was at a Holstein club event. He and Emily had a great time... and were very patient when it came to watching their ball creep down the lane... and even to a halt in the gutter!

Papa Leo had some great form!! :-)
In all, the night was a success, and we've already been back for more!

Baseball season came to an end, complete with and end of the year BBQ and father/son game. A much more relaxing season than last, when I went into labor with Cole during one of the games! Both boys have gotten very comfortable with the ball park and we have all enjoyed the boys on the team and their families! We can't wait for next season, Coach!

This is a very uncommon sight in our part of the valley. Two combines harvested the grain from the neighbor's field next to our house. They were fun to watch!

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