Friday, November 12, 2010

A day for Great Grandfathers...

I decided that the boys and I needed to get out of the house for a few hours today, and since the library is closed on Fridays, and I did not have anything planned or any pressing errands to run, I thought a short road trip would be a good idea. 

We packed a lunch and headed out to the San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery, to pay a visit to my Grandpa Claude. For some reason I expected it to be a cold, windy way, so our bag included sweatshirts and jackets for everyone, plus beanie hats for the boys... No need, it was a beautiful day!

In anticipation of the 45 minute drive, I told Clayton to pack a small bag with some books and magazines to read in the car. This is the sight I found when we arrived... I think he brought 27 books with us! Hey... I'm not complaining, it kept him busy both to and from! ;-) 
Clayton brought a small pumpkin to leave for his Great Grandpa.

I Love their little hands tracing the letters of his name...

A flag placed on a neighboring grave site.

The boys had a great time playing on the grass...

I guess that I wasn't really paying close attention to Clayton, I heard him mention that he wanted a snack, but I didn't think much of it. Next thing I knew, he had retrieved the lunchbox from the car and called Cole over to eat! The two of them sat down next to Grandpa and Clayton dished out lunch!   
I'm sure Grandpa would have had some sugar-free candies in his pocket to share with them when they finished! 
While they were eating, Clayton asked me to read every head stone within eye sight. "Who's is that? And that one? Who is that one? What's that name?" I was surprised to see this famous name listed in the next row! Though, I doubt it's the same name that came to my mind.

Before heading home, we made a stop at the Pea Soup Andersen's in Santa Nella. Clayton chose some Red Raspberry Syrup to take home - I'm sure there were pancakes on his mind!  

As I took this picture, I could not help but notice the names on the sign... "Split-Pea" and "Pea-Wee"! I think Clayton's GG Bob was with us today... GG Bob nicknamed Clayton PeeWee the first time he laid eyes on our little man! What a fun trip and a special day with Great Grandpas on our mind!


The Wife of a Dairyman said...

That's great that your little guy loves his books and that he can read them in the car! Paige gets car sick if she is doing anything other than looking out the front window! I also love Anderson's Pea Soup:)

Jim said...

Grandpa Claude would have (& did, I'm sure) love your visit. He would have been so proud to have the great-gransons! Love you guys!

The Durrer Family said...

We'd be in Big trouble if he couldn't read or listen to his headphones in the car! It would make for long rides for Everyone! I, on the other hand, am with Paige - I am not able to read in the car... too much motion sickness for me. Oh, well... If I was reading, I'm sure I'd miss too much anyway!