Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Organization Overload?!

My prized purchase of the day is this storage cart, complete with 3 drawers and wheels! Why the excitement you ask?! The answer, as a matter of fact, is quite simple. To reclaim my pantry and kitchen cupboard of course! :)

The "Project Stuff" in our house is starting to take over, and I Just. Want. My. Space. Back! So, I invested in yet Another plastic storage container, sure that this time, I had it conquered! I'd be able to get everything in one place. The wheels would make it even easier for me to set up a project to keep the boys busy for a while. And, by positioning the drawers against the wall, I'd be able to at least deter little hands from digging everything out. An added bonus is that it fits nicely between our "Grown Up Juice" storage and the kitchen cabinet, so it won't (I hope) be readily noticed by little legs (attached to curious fingers) that zoom through my kitchen at well over the legal speed limit.

I couldn't wait to get home and get it set up. I'm a freak when it comes to organizing... I Love It! Ah-hem... anyway... so, I get home and neatly arrange/pile everything into it and... Viola! Not a single coloring book fits, and I am still left with a screw top container for the pens, pencils and crayons. The pens, etc., well, I'll live with them in the screw top, that's just added security. The coloring books, well, I can work with that, too.

The problem is what I found when I turned around...
Ugh! Thanks to my little helpers, time to grab a laundry basket for some grab-and-go clean up! This floor was clear of debris when I started, I think that deep down they were just trying to remind me that no matter what I think, they Still have control over the Organization in this house! Think there's a plastic storage container that will solve this one?

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