Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A blustery day...

And so it begins... the windy mayhem that surrounds us each day here in the Western Central Valley, February through the end of May. It began late last night, when we heard a lone patio chair crash over on our deck. The chair had been pulled out, when the temperatures started hitting the 60's just the past few days, and now, back to winter storage it goes.
The young oats in front of our house are taking a beating. The tops of the grass look almost like waves rippling across the field. The windows in the house are howling, the vent flaps are flapping and every time someone opens the back door, somewhere a door Slams shut! Never mind the screaming that I kept hearing, until I realized that the kitchen window was cracked open ever so slightly, and it was... yes, the wind, making that horrible noise.

So... what to do? What to do? Yesterday we were out in the yard wearing shorts, today it's beanie hats and hooded sweatshirts. There is only one thing to do in weather like this... Let's Go Fly A Kite!
A couple of weeks ago we picked up a Giant Airplane kite on a trip to Costco. Clayton tried his best the next day to get it to take flight, but there was not even so much as a breeze to tease him. He even cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted, "God, can you please blow some more wind for my kite?" :)
So when he got home from school today, we grabbed some quick lunch and headed out to the orchard grass field for some kite time. 

 Clayton did a fantastic job of getting the big plane back in the air when it crashed!

This is one $15 investment that we're sure to see our returns on!

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