Friday, March 04, 2011

Planting trees

The past couple of days have been Georgous ones here in the Central Valley! Blue sky and temperatures in the mid-high 60's has been an incredible change in atmosphere. Yesterday the boys went outside to play, run...
and YELL! They really needed to get all of their energy out. It worked, Cole napped for almost 4 hours and I woke Clayton close to the 3 hour mark. The fresh air wiped them out!  
Today is the same, another beautiful day, with rain looming in the near future. So, I sent the boys back outside for a morning of hard play time. Now that I don't have to stay by Cole's side every second, I'm able to work on little projects in the yard while they play. So, today I decided to Finally plant the lime and lemon trees that my darling husband brought home with him just before the weather turned nasty. The poor things have been screaming to get out of their pots!

The boys were a great help, digging the holes and hauling the potting soil... Clayton even offered to take some pictures of me digging.

Once the holes were dug, it was time to mix in the potting soil and get the trees out of the buckets. Clayton was so excited to help pack the dirt into the bottom of the holes! 

 Daddy came by to get some tools when we were getting close to the end of our project, he and Cole got drinks for everyone to share.

Ta-Da! Our "Danny" Lemon tree on the left and our Lime tree on the right. Clayton helped water them in and it was time to head in for lunch. Not bad for a morning project.

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