Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Snow Day

Finally... after Much anticipation, we were able to carry out our first Snow Day with the boys! I think the last time we spent a day in the snow, Clayton was only about 3 or 4 months old, so I guess that wouldn't really count! Clayton loved watching Mommy sled down the hill backwards! Not exactly how I intended! 
Cole had a great time hauling snow balls around in his "Brrm-Brrm"!

And once Daddy gave Clayton a hand up the last little bit of the hill, he was all set to sled by himself! 

Even Cole loved the sled ride with Daddy! 

Mommy - backwards... again! A split second after this, I managed to wipe-out Clayton (see his hand on the left) big time! Guess all the "get out of the road" warnings didn't quite catch him in time! 
Building a snow man... 

I found this squeezed lemon while the boys were building their snow man. Hhmmm... I wonder if we just missed Grandpa... :) 

This... is our snow man!  

The boys played for a while with a group of kids about their age while we were there. They were crawling through a little tunnel, so Daddy dug a couple of more short tunnels while we were there. 

"Mom... Guck. Mom... Guck." In English - "Mom... Stuck. Mom... Stuck."
And as is tradition... on the way home, Daddy filled up the truck bed with a load of snow to take home with us. Grandma and Papa were surprised to have snow balls hit their kitchen window when we got back to Modesto! 
Such a cool snow plow... the boys wanted a ride in it! 

The next afternoon, the boys played in the snow that we hauled home. It lasted through a second night before it finally all melted. So much fun, we can't wait to go again! Maybe next time... we can spend the night and hopefully see some snow flakes fall! 

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