Wednesday, January 04, 2012

It is time for the tree to come down

First... one small disclaimer... Do. Not. Try. This. At. Home!

On New Year's day, our Christmas tree finally came down. I do not say "finally" because Christmas passed all that long ago, merely a short week before... No, I say "finally" because the poor thing was dried to a crisp. It had stopped taking in any water about a week before Christmas, and would drop no less than 75 needles if you so much as happened to brush against it walking past.

While our little guys were sad to see it go, we saw it as the opportunity to discuss proper fire safety. Our older son knows that if there is a fire, they are to get out and go to the office across the yard to wait for help. It is difficult to convey the fact that you just might not have much time to act.

So we took our tree to a clear spot on the property, where there was water on hand, should it be needed. The tree was laid on it's side, since we had already removed the stand. Keep in mind, the results would have been more drastic had it been standing upright.

All it took was a single wooden match near the lower portion of the tree...

And there it went...

It helps to note that our tree was in the 7-foot category, and the flames are instantly shooting Much higher in the air than the length of the tree.

The heat was Intense, and in an instant, the entire tree was engulfed...

and gone. I took these photos as fast as my little Cannon would let me. From match to charcoal, the whole thing took Less than a minute and a half. I am sure that it would have gone even faster had the tree been standing upright... even upright, inside our dining room, with added fuel nestled beside it.

The girls were very curious as to what was going on!

So just a friendly reminder... if the Christmas tree is still a part of your home decor, you just may want to rethink your theme.

From all of us here in Central California, Happy New Year!

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