Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not letting Mom down

For dinner the other night, we were on the "leftovers" menu plan.

Pork loin with green sauce, green salad, green beans with sliced almonds... Ugh, I'm sorry, Mom!

I remember very clearly the first time my "new" boyfriend came to dinner at my parent's house... Mom, as usual, was the last to be seated. Just before she took her seat, almost as a frisbee had been flung across yard, red cabbage rained down on every plate and serving dish over the entire table!

We all froze - some with loaded forks gaping just below an open mouth, some reaching for a serving utenisl, some mid-sentence - and stared at her. With a smirk she pulled out her chair, sat down, reached for the salad bowl and calmly said, "Sorry... everything was the same color."

Ha! Well, now that you mention it.... ;)  The color of the dinner menu had not occured to any of us, until that moment.

Good thing I was able to dig out a small bowl of cheese ravioli with red sauce to save the day... I was fresh out of red cabbage. On the other hand, we're closing in on the 12 year anniversary of that infamous dinner, and that "new" boyfriend of mine is still coming to dinner each night.

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