Thursday, April 19, 2012

Having the Conservation Conversation

The world's population will triple between 1970 and 2050, yet the amount of farmland will remain about the same during that time.


Are you concerned that one day, we may not be able to meet the intake requirements of our population?

Are farmers working to preserve farmlands for production well into the future? Will agriculture be able to sustain the needs of consumers? Maybe this will help...

I could not help but rewind the young lady (approx. 50 seconds into the video) who stated...
"I get food from the grocery store.
It's always there.
There's always plenty of it."
Yikes! This quote is a prime example of the disconnect between the average consumer and the farmers and ranchers who are working hard to be sure those products are in the store! It is Our Job to encourage consumers to find out where the food on their dinner table came from, and to share the stories of conservation, commitment and dedication that insure there are products in the store when it's time to do the grocery shopping.
One statistic that I always find amazing...
In 1940, 1 farmer fed 19 people.
In 1970, 1 farmer fed 73 people.
In 2010, 1 farmer fed 155 people!
I am no math wiz, but if my calculator is correct...
The American farmer is well on its way to meeting the consumption needs of our population in 2050, by more than doubling production in 40 years, compared to the worlds population tripling over 80 years.
Just remember - When you eat food or wear clothes, Thank A Farmer!

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