Friday, February 22, 2013

Lenten Friday Lunchbox

Today has been a bit rough in the meal planning department... We are out of milk (GASP!) and eggs and since it is Friday during Lent, no sausage... This left us with oatmeal with brown sugar and diced apples for breakfast. Not bad I might add.

Then it was time to decide what would be on the lunch menu... Again no meat. So we've gone with PB&J, which is really a treat around here, considering I make it less than once a week. Strawberries an CA cutie orange mix, carrot sticks and a handful if Pirate's Booty. Yes, this mom caved and bought the snack "All The Other Kids At School" have in their lunch.

Sometimes I feel like I lack in the lunch packing department and other times, I wish I had thought to make a second
one for my own lunch.

These containers from Easy Lunchbox ( have seriously made it much easier for me to get through the lunch packing process... no juggling plastic sandwich bags, smashed food and sticky leftovers. And after school my little guy can put it right into the dishwasher!

What are your favorite lunchbox meals? Lets share some inspiration!

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Ryan Bright said...

The easy lunchbox looks fantastic. I showed them to my wife and she is insisting we order them for the kids. Thanks for sharing this!