Thursday, July 04, 2013

It's just a salad.... isn't it?

Months have passed since my last post. School is out, Summer is in full swing, and today we are celebrating the 4th of July!
As I was throwing together a broccoli salad, literally, dumping ingredients from their containers into a bowl, and tossing it together, I began thinking about all of the hands who helped bring the salad together.
Not in the hands-on form of help, my little chefs are an hour deep in their afternoon siesta, but the hands of farmers, and the farming families who brought this salad to our 4th of July table.
I came across this recipe about a month ago on the site (my favorite for quick recipe searches!), and gave it a try. It's called Sweet and Tangy Broccoli Salad, and it is absolutely sweet and tangy! This is the second batch I've made, and both in large quantities! Yum!

I would like to take a moment to Thank A Farmer, well, quite a few farmers...
The broccoli farmer - for the beautiful broccoli florets;
the hog farmer - for the delicious bacon I fried and chopped;
the onion farmer;
the grape farmer - for the raisins;
the sunflower farmer - for the tasty sunflower seeds;
the cashew farmer,
the dairy farmer - for the shredded cheddar (thanks due here, as the butter from our milk would not have made this salad taste the same);
the chicken farmer - for the eggs in the mayo - mayo is Not a dairy product, you know;
the sugar cane farmer;
the corn farmer - for the distilled white vinegar, did you know that vinegar was made from corn?
As you can see, I added a bit to the recipe listed on the AllRecipes site, cashews, sunflowers and shredded cheddar just put this salad over the top! Thank you to each of the farmers who made it possible!
As we sit down today to celebrate with friends and family, please remember to give thanks to all of the servicemen & women who have and continue to fight for our freedom! Happy Independence Day!
It seems that this time of year is salad season! Check out my favorite Pasta Salad this time last year!

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