Friday, June 04, 2010

Splash Cafe on a rainy day... Mmmm!! There is no clam chowder that even compares to Splash!!
Then naptime for two tired little boys...
Clayton loved the cherries that he picked out!
And Cole mastered the stairs in about 5 seconds flat!

A quick trip to see the calves at the Cal Poly Foundation Dairy... Jerseys for Grammy! :)

For dinner we headed over to Mo's BBQ with Auntie Annie and Cassidy. Yum! Next time I'll just order Cole his own pulled pork sandwich... he ate half of mine!
Clayton & Cassidy busted a move when we got home... the Funniest thing I've ever seen!

So much fun... Auntie Annie busted out the glow sticks before bedtime. The next morning Clayton said the "barries" in his glow stick were dead and I needed to change them! Sorry, buddy.

Time to hit the road... Thank You Auntie Annie!! We'll be back again in a few weeks!

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