Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baseball Season

This summer, the boys and I had a great time going to watch Chris coach a 13-14 yr old baseball team. His cousin John and friend Justin also helped coach. Clayton was nominated the team's Bat Boy, and spent a total of 20 mins. doing his "job" throughout the season! There were too many little brothers and sisters at the games to play with!

Here are a few shots that Clayton is VERY proud of! :)
Coach Daddy
Coach Justin
Dimitrius - known by the boys on the team as Meat - and Coach John
and Thomas - Clayton's Favorite!
The boys were very patient with Clayton, when he'd want to use their gear or walk up to them with 72 questions, like... Why your shoes make that noise? Can I use your bat? Can I wear your helmet? Can I wear your catcher's gear? Can I play, too? Can I have some seeds? Can I have some Gatorade? Do you want to come play with me? Will you throw the ball to me?
LOL... I'm SO glad that they got a kick out of him... two more years and he can play T-ball!

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