Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jenni and Bree in the bounce house...
Aubrie joins the girls for some fun!

Maria, William and Grammy Sue...
Goldfish, this is William... William, Goldfish.
They were good friends in no time at all!

The Zavala Family - Paul, Stephanie and Aubrie
Juice, Ellen and Danielle
Late in the afternoon, Juice asked if the SPUD launcher was still around. He happened to have brought a sack of spuds with him, just in case!
USS SPUD Launcher
Chris Durrer
John Frey
Juice Chelini

It took a little time, and some coaxing, but it Finally Launched!
The spud shot from the launcher and landed beyond the large oak tree at the center of the photo below! Incredible!

Before the day was over, Danielle and Grammy Sue had to try out the bounce house!

Maria & William
Thanks to Everyone for coming! It was So great to be able to get together after so many years, and see how our families have grown. Let's not wait too long to get together again! Love and hugs to you all!

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