Thursday, July 15, 2010

A weekend at Lake Tulloch

Ryan, Krystal & Rylee Trinkler invited us up to their lake house for a weekend of fun with the kids. We had a blast! We can't wait to get together up there again!!
Clayton and Ryan show off the first fish Clayton caught on his new pole! Not too bad for a first time fisherman! When Clayton got back to the house, he was so excited to show me the fish and kept saying he was going to "fry it up and gobble it down"... but he couldn't find it! Daddy pulled a catch-and-release when Clayton was not looking! Guess we'll be eating Trout at Lake Alpine this summer!!

Clayton's first time on a ski boat and he jumped right on the tube with Dennis! Clayton went for quite a while, and when Dennis got bored, he started pulling stunts, until he fell off, leaving Clayton on his own!

No tears, though... and he can't wait to go again!

Fun at the house with water guns and the boys!

Aahhh... 7 AM peace and quiet... with a great view, too!
Thanks, guys! We had a great time!

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