Friday, June 04, 2010

A trip to San Luis Obispo

The boys and I headed down to SLO to visit Auntie Annie one last time before she graduates in June!! Woo Hoo! Congratulations, Annie!!
The fog was creeping over the Cuesta Grade as we drove down Hwy 101...
Clayton stopped to "pet" this "guy's dog" on our walk downtown for some dessert...

Then he had to stop and ask this guy "Where da Bulls at?" In another 18 years, we'll explain that one to him!

Frozen yogurt at Bali's - Auntie Annie's favorite! Clayton had chocolate and banana fro-yo with sprinkles and worms! Cole just wanted to go to bed.
For breakfast, Auntie made us farm shaped waffles... Clayton ate the cow!

Then we made a visit to the Avila Valley Barn... So much fun! They had a bunch of animals and a huge fruit stand. Clayton even got to check out the chicken house!

Cole loved the animals, too... the peacocks even had eggs in their nest!
Clayton picked out a basket of cherries as his treat... and posed with them!
Then off to Avila Beach! The weather was a little crummy, but the boys didn't seem to notice!

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