Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Arts and The Balloons!

One afternoon, I realized that Clayton and I haven't been cooking together as often lately, and we definitely hadn't made any sweets for quite some time. So, we decided to make some sugar cookies... with green & pink sugar sprinkles! Ha! In future cooking courses, we'll be discussing the concept of "sprinkling" sprinkles! On the other hand, they turned out and we had fun!

This year I debated on whether or not to take the boys to the Ripon Hot Air Balloon Festival on Labor Day weekend. I really wanted to take them to see the balloons inflate and take off... but when I realized that they were to start inflating at 6 AM, for 7 AM take off, I decided that maybe we should just watch from home and wait until they're a little older before we get ourselves into such early morning adventures. This is the view from our deck, where Clayton and I watched them from about 7:15-7:45 AM, at one time I think there were 10 balloons visible. They floated from Ripon towards us, and then turned towards Riverbank. Cole was asleep until well after they passed, so I was glad that I talked myself out of dragging them out of bed so early!

Since I'm severely lacking in the creativity department, we are extremely thankful for Grammy's gift subscription to Disney's Family Fun magazine and all of the great ideas it has! We have used quite a few of their ideas, and we even made our very own Cornstarch Modeling Clay! When we were done, I packed the clay into a Tupperware and put the lid on. Surprisingly, it's held up well... and it's over a month old! Clayton's favorite sculptures were the snowmen and the snakes!

"Mom, check this out! I did this puzzle all by myself! Take my picture with it!"
Awesome job, Buddy!

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