Friday, October 08, 2010

Clayton's dream for this trip was to catch a fish... and cook it! So... we brought the foil and the skillet and had a fish fry. Daddy even red-neck seasoned it with some BBQ lays! Not sure if it was fulfilling the dream, or if the fish wasn't what Clayton expected. Either way, he hasn't asked to catch a fish and cook it since!
While we waited on the fire, Abby set up the smores express line! Umm... and she "tested" them for us to be sure they were safe. So sweet of her!

Fry baby, Fry!
The weather was amazing... and the little kids just loved riding in the boat! Papa and Daddy didn't mind, as long as they could fish and there was no fighting.
Cole was in it for the mud... and the oreos!
One of the best parts of the trip were the tired kids at night! Even though they thought they weren't tired, they could hardly keep their eyes open!
And again... feeding the ducks and geese...
Cole was able to walk all the way around this rock - the water was about waist deep at the deepest point. This was his favorite spot the whole time.
Thanks for a great trip, Lake Alpine and Bear Valley! Hope it's not another ten years before we can do this again!

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Jen and Tonick said...

Looks like such a great time!