Monday, November 01, 2010

The Circus!

 Since we had already taken Clayton to see Disney on Ice, we decided that the Circus would be our next large scale production... and who better to bring on the show than Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey?! So... we called the Ralls girls to join Us this time and we were on our way!
I think we took photos of Every act... so I'll save some of the suspense for when You visit the circus, and just share our favorites!
 Of course, there were the tigers! Such powerful animals... they "lept" onto their pedestals like they were climbing a staircase.
 Clayton enjoyed watching the acrobats perform...

 Ha! The look on these two faces when they brought out "The Cube" below! What would you assume to be in The Cube?
 Inside were THREE ladies! One dressed in red, one in yellow and one in blue! Incredible!
 Not a problem... I could stand on some guy's head while he walked a tight rope 30' in the air any day... rriiiiight!
 And the favorite act among the guys in the group... the Motorcycles and the Sphere!

 In all... a total of SEVEN motorcycles raced around this sphere... up and down the walls - At the Same Time! Absolutely incredible! I held my breath through most of this act. One wrong move by any one of them and he'd have wiped out the rest of the riders.
 Watching the show with her daddy...

 And what's a circus without the elephants?!
 My favorite, happened to be the last act of the evening... The trampoline jumpers! I don't know what it was about them... the color, the symetry, the number of them jumping at the same time... so much fun to watch!

 And the grand finale... and "that really tall guy"!
Poor Cole missed out this time... but the big kids enjoyed the show... and the $9 Icee and $8 popcorn!

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