Monday, November 01, 2010

It's Picture Day at the Dairy!

 On this particular afternoon, we stopped by in time for the boys to visit a bit with Frank Robinson. Frank is the Bovine Beautician, and he was at the dairy to photograph a few of our registered cattle for us. These photographs can be used in advertisements, sale catalogs and overall promotion of our registered herd.
 The cattle were clipped and washed, but Frank is the Beautician... and there are always final touches to be made!
 Daddy, Papa and Rocco Cunningham (R-John Holsteins) helped Frank get the cattle posed Just Right... Rocco was a big help in getting the cows' attention so they'd stretch out their neck and perk their ears! Thanks, Rocco!
 When you're trying to get a cow to Stand Still, it's best if the little folk are contained!
You can check out more of our registered cattle on our Holstein World herd profile page.

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