Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Halloween, 2010

Things change when you have kids of your own... strangely enough you spend so much time trying to be Grown Up, and then as your kids grow before your eyes, you begin to realize that being silly Really is much more fun! Most of the house has been covered in cobwebs and spiders for the past few weeks, but we needed something more...

So when the boys woke up Sunday morning, I decided I'd do my best to make the day as fun for them as I could. A couple of weeks ago, my mom sent me a recipe for Orange Pumpkin Pancakes (you can find the recipe at Not Martha) that I thought would be a good start to our day.
While we may be known to frequent the pancake section of the menu at breakfast, thanks to Clayton's slight obsession... we are Huge fans of Bisquik... for the simple reason found in the product's name... Quik! With two hungry kids, and the littlest one hanging on my leg, we opted out of the Black homemade syrup and settled for maple. No complaints from the customers... breakfast is served!
 I'll admit that I'm not a very big pancake or pumpkin fan... but these puppies weren't bad! We'll  have them a few more times between now and Thanksgiving... though I Will be prepping the batter the night before!! :)  No more Waiting around here...
 Ha! I got a kick out of dressing up their meals for the day... Clayton was Not fond of the rat or spiders, but Loved the skeleton in his PB&J at lunch! I thought about smearing some jam on the bones for a little effect, but decided to wait another year!

Must have worked, Cole had 3 pancakes, an egg and some apple for breakfast. Clayton had the sandwich, a yogurt and fruit at lunch... Whew... I need to get a job just to keep food on the table around here!
 So we started off our Three day Halloween Extravaganza on Friday, with a trip to Hughson to visit Auntie Annie at work... Jack Pot! These two made out like bandits!
 Heading into the office to meet the ladies...
After Trick-or Treats, we took Auntie to lunch. When we came out of the deli, we were not able to get to our car... The street was blocked off for the Elementary school Costume Parade! Perfect timing... though when Clayton spied TWO other Spider Man Guys, I became the "uncool mom who wouldn't let her kids wear their costumes at lunch the day before Halloween"... Ugh, I learned my lesson! 

And Saturday night we headed across town to visit with Aunt Gayle and Elise. The boys, especially Clayton, were on such a sugar high by the time we left, that I thought they'd Never calm down. But, they were asleep before we got home... resting up for a long day on Sunday...  

Sunday afternoon landed us at Grandma and Papa's house for a few hours.  

Mom & Dad with the Monkey and Spider Man!
On "normal" days, Clayton is our little monkey, so this week I've had a hard time getting their attention... everyone is confused on what their names are! 
Sue & Jerry's... they were not home... 
and across the street to see Mr. Sciarini. 

Then we headed over to visit Eddie & Gloria. Cole was really not sure what this whole show was all about... he kept hanging back and Clayton would run back for him after he rang the doorbell!  

Trick-or-Treat, Eddie! 
By the time we made it to Ivan & Lena's house, Cole had figured it out... Knock on the door = You get candy! Ha! And he was digging in his bucket Before we even got him back in the car! 

and then to see Jim & Rose.  
At the Boer house, you just knock on the window! :)  Big John was watching TV and Clayton "scared" him with his mask on! 
We had a fun visit... and John & Marcia nearly emptied their bowl into the boys' buckets!

And our last stop of the night was at Aunt Lisa & Uncle Louie's house. This time Cole didn't wait for Clayton, he was off and running! 
We hope you all had a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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