Friday, November 05, 2010

Look Out Preschool!

This week, our Biggest Little man started preschool! It was a bitter sweet moment, since he's been craving peer interaction and a structured learning environment... But, He's My Baby! Where oh where has the time gone?!
This was the Only photo that I got of him on his first day! He ran up the steps and into the classroom, not even hearing my cries to, "Stop... Wait... Just one quick picture... Please...?!"
Once he was inside, he quickly found his cubby, deposited his items and was off to play with the other kids! His teacher had to find him for us and ask him to say good-bye! Yes... ok, yes I did cry... but only for a minute... we were running late and I didn't have time! ;-)
So, for two mornings a week, it's just the Littlest Man and I. May the adventures begin!


Christine said...

I've been there! I can't believe my little boy is in seventh grade, and my daughter is in first!

Thanks so much for having us to your gorgeous farm on Thursday. I had a fabulous time, and really appreciate you sharing your time and information with us. It was awesome!

(PS: I was there representing the online mag Blissfully Domestic, not the poor, ignored blog I've linked here).

The Durrer Family said...

Hi, Christine!
You are very welcome! We really enjoyed having you! I am still working on getting everything together from your trip... hope to have the post up soon! Thank you so much for taking time to come and visit with us and experience CA dairy life!