Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sharing the Love

From the beginning of time... well, ok, our time together... my husband and I have never gone out for Valentine's Day. This being our our 11th Valentine's Day together, we decided it was best to stick with the tradition, why ruin a good thing, right? We did decide, however, that we needed to do something for the boys to make things special.

Enter Me-n-Ed's Pizza. In the weekly ads that we find in our mailbox, I came across an ad for a local pizza parlor, featuring none other than the Real California Cheese and Real California Milk logos! They use certified California dairy products on their pizzas... And they were making them in Heart shapes! This was an immediate sale for us! Of course we support local dairy farmers!

So we set out on February 13th to begin the Valentine's festivities a little early and invited friends of the boys to join us. Cole and Benjamin are the little guys... but don't let them fool you! 
Beautiful! Half pepperoni-olive-mushroom and one half without the mushrooms. 
Delicious! Half aritchoke, fresh tomato and mushroom - Half pepperoni, Canadian bacon and linguica. 
R.J. and Clayton had a great time... laughing and eating pizza! The "big" boys enjoyed the video games! 

And on Valentine's morning... we kicked off with none other than the famous Heart Shaped Pancakes! Clayton assigned himself as the Flipper Guy. 
I decided to dress them up a bit this year... a little red and pink frosting with whip cream and pink sprinkles. Hmmm... the boys liked the frosting, it was just a little too much sugar for me that early in the morning! :) And of course some "red" cranberry and orange zest muffins, also complete with festive decor. 

For lunch it was Heart shaped PB&J sandwiches with sliced fresh strawberries.  
Cole was excited for the "Nn-aandyy" after lunch while Clayton finished up his Valentine cards - Spiderman, of course!

While I was getting dinner ready - my, it really seems like our day was centered around meals! Actually, it was quite productive, we got a new windshield installed in Daddy's pickup and made a trip to Costco with Grandma and Abby... AAnndd the boys took great naps! - so back to dinner...  While I was getting dinner ready, the boys made dessert. Chocolate dipped cutie oranges and strawberries... Yum!

For dinner it was NY steak, grilled to perfection by our Master Chef, cold crab, broccoli with Parmesan cheese, pesto pasta and a feta and cranberry salad. Yum! The boys were So excited about the crab!

After dinner we Finally! got to open the Valentine's mailbox that had been "secretly" accumulating surprises over the past couple of weeks. Clayton was our designated Mailman! 

Mmmm! More Nn-aandyy! 
Delicious dessert, boys... :) 
And thank you to Clayton and Grandma who conspired on our Costco trip to get these beautiful flowers! We hope that you had a lovely Valentine's day with your someone special! 


The Wife of a Dairyman said...

I love the heart shaped pizza and wonderful that they use CA cheese! It was all hearts for you guys on and around it!

Jen and Tonick said...

Great post!! Glad the Durrer's had a great Valentine's Day!!

The Durrer Family said...

Thanks for visiting, ladies! We had a great time!