Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Marathon and Pancakes

This past Sunday morning was a busy one! The 2nd Annual Modesto Marathon was held, with a portion of the course leading right past our driveway. Last year, we sat out in front of the dairy, and cheered on the runners as they made their way past... thanks to the frigid wind and rain, we had to alter our spectator plans this year. The boys stood at the front window and watched for the first runners to come down the road.
"Mom! Mom! I see somebody running past! I see someone!" Clayton was so excited when the first runners began coming by! It was time to put the finishing touches on his sign and hop in the car. 

The boys huddled together in the back of the car, trying to keep out of the wind, while still having a good view of the race. Clayton was not as eager to high-five the runners as he was last year.

Around 10 AM, we started seeing a steady flow of runners heading back towards the finish line. Participants in the full 26.2 mile course run to the half-way mark, before turning around and repeating the course all the way back to the Finish line.

We had our eye out for our special runner... Go Eryn!  
Such an exciting even to watch from our own front yard. Hopefully the weather next year will be just a little nicer! Congratulations to all of the participants!
Once we saw Eryn on her way back towards the finish line, we headed on to our second event of the morning - The Wood Colony 4-H Pancake Breakfast! Woo hoo! Pancakes, and Mom didn't even have to cook! No better way to introduce our kids to 4-H than through their breakfast favorite!  :)...   now if they were just old enough to become members!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and memories (and your road)! Those of us stuck at the start appreciate seeing and reading about how others viewed the race. I'm glad it was such a positive experience for your sweet family.
Karen Lozano

The Durrer Family said...

Thanks for visiting us, Karen! It is always an adventure when something new "comes to us"! We are glad we could share our section of the course with you!