Friday, April 01, 2011


When it comes to Rewards, I'm a Big fan of rewards! I can procrastinate like no other, create work out of a simple task, just to avoid a larger task at hand... say doing dishes for a 4th time today, just to avoid mopping the floor. The floor that is desperately screaming for attention... though today it is not screaming for attention... the floor anyway. It got it's much needed attention just two days ago. The floor... is looking good. ;)
So, to help overcome my procrastination and work creating issues, I've turned to the reward system... call it bribery if you must, I like the sound of reward much better. I'll assign a reward to myself for completing a task I could easily create work just to avoid. For example, getting up and out early could mean a black iced tea reward... getting all the laundry folded And. Put. ggrrr... Away. could mean 1/2 hr. of trash TV...
I'm sure you catct my drift... and at this moment I'm just hoping that I'm not sounding like a whiny, lazy grump... because that's what I'm getting from myself. Quite the opposite. I can accomlpish 8 or more loads of laundry in a day, washed, dried and folded. Getting them put away can take longer than it takes our family to go through those 8 loads again. The thought of 1/2 hour of mindless entertainment is sadly all it takes to get me to complete the final step of delivering the fresh, folded items to their proper locations. Well, that or the boys helping. Something about their interest in helping put away laundry always makes that task much more exciting. Thank you to my little helpers! 
Today... well, a reward for completing a dreaded task was just not the way it went. I just wanted something sweet... anything wrong with that? My choice was a Caramel deLites! Those Girl Scouts really know what they're doing! I started with one... and oh, my... that one looked so lonely, so I grabbed another so the first could have a buddy. I had to quickly close up the box and return it to its rightful place in the freezer... the freezer?! Don't shrivel your brow like I'm crazy... the one and only true place to store your Girl Scout cookies is in the freezer. 
#1. It will prolong their existence - Stored on the counter they'd have been gone in 2 days.
#2. Something about caramel and chocolate from the freezer... Yum!  
So, as I nestle them back into the freezer, between the bag of frozen raspberries and the... Oh, my... the little green box... Hhmmm... I forgot those were in there!


Colleen Cecil said...

Oh I hate folding laundry! I don't know that there is any reward that could direct may focus to this taks. I wash it no probalem. And have no problems getting to the dryer. And its still fun to use my front loading machines. A year old and the newness has not warn off. But folding - YUCK!

The Durrer Family said...

Kind of like hand wash dishes - I'll continue to stack clean dishes on top of clean dishes until I Have to put them away... what the heck? :)