Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Keeping the ear dry

This has been the scene in the tub over the past week... a lump of cotton Smothered with Vaseline, to keep any moisture from getting inside our little man's ear! It's a yucky mess, and the first couple of times I gave him a bath, I freaked out way more than I did when we took him to the ER! I have been more worried about damaging his hearing because of a bath than I am over it healing on his own. If the little guy could keep the PB&J in his sandwich and out of his hair, then I think, maybe, I'd be a little less stressed out!

Outside of the tub, he's doing great, you would never know anything is wrong! The biggest frustration is keeping him inside now that the weather has Finally turned around. He won't keep the ear covered... Band-Aid, beanie hat, nothing... and it's been breezy, so I have been keeping him inside as much as I can. Geez... what's going to happen when they grow up and have "bigger" injuries?! I'm going to be a mess!

So, the true test comes tomorrow... his 10 day recheck! We are all looking forward to this doctors office visit! Here's to hoping that his eardrum has healed itself and we will not be scheduling a visit with an ENT next week! Geez... they really know how to tug at your heart, don't they....  

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