Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring in Bloom

Thank you to Sarah over at This Farm Family's Life, I finally got the motivation I needed to grab some shots of the Redbud tree that is blooming against our dining room window. Good thing I jumped today, the leaves seemed to have doubled in size over night and the flowers have nearly disappeared.
We planted it 3 years ago, thanks to the suggestion of Bruce over at Hollandia Nursery, and this is By Far the most beautiful it's ever been! I can't wait to see it in full color again next Spring!
Also visible from our kitchen table, are the Iris bulbs that I planted about 6 years ago. When our sprinkler system was installed, the plumbers left what looked like a mound of dirt piled behind our garage. After a couple of weeks, I decided to finally go and spread it back out into the yard. Much to my surprise, the mound was actually a couple of hundred bulbs all massed together! 
So, I set to work separating and replanting them on the opposite side of our house. They have bloomed every year since and have reached a point where they need to be thinned out again!
They make great gifts from the boys. A single long stem in a vase will grow new buds and bloom multiple times over a week or two, one of them now sits on my windowsill over the sink!


Katie said...

What a great find with all of those iris bulbs! They are beautiful. Our youngest daughter's middle name is Iris, after our beloved great aunt. I need some of the flower planted in my yard to honor her.
Happy Easter.

The Durrer Family said...

Katie- A lucky find, indeed... and what a beautiful middle name for your daughter! Happy Easter to you and yours!

Sarah said...

Glad I was able to motivate you;) It looks beautiful! Happy Easter!

The Durrer Family said...

Sarah - I should have taken some through the window weeks ago! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!