Monday, May 16, 2011

Diggin' in the dirt

After my husband and I were married, my mother-in-law, gave me 5 Amaryllis bulbs. She had been given a single bulb by her mother-in-law, who had received bulbs from her dear friend years and years before.
My mother-in-law planted the single bulb, which multiplied, and eventually moved the flowers to a strawberry type pot (similar to this one) in her back yard. The bulbs multiplied enough times to bust the pot, literally. I stopped by to visit one afternoon, and found her cleaning up the clay, trying to decide where to replant them. At the end of my visit, I went home with 5 bulbs to plant in our yard.

Well, there is no doubt that these things really do multiply like rabbits! About two years later, I dug up those original 5 bulbs and re-planted 5-7 of them in each of two wine barrels along our walkway. A few weeks ago, I decided that they looked a little crammed, and decided to thin them out.

Gardening is always more fun when you have help!
I found about two dozen bulbs between the two pots, all of various sizes! So amazing that in a matter of 5-6 years, 5 bulbs practically grew into their own garden! I replanted 7 bulbs in each barrel, and gave a few to each of my sisters, my mom and to my brother's girlfriend, with the hopes that they will continue to multiply and be passed through friends and family.

This bulb had 4 smaller bulbs growing off of it,
each of which had a bloom stem.
I got a special surprise just recently when I found some larger plants with white and red flowers growing near our garage. It's clear that either my husband or I must have planted them there, but I don't remember doing so! The white in these is so striking, that I chose to be selfish and move them to the pots along our walkway... relocating some of the solid red bulbs to the spot near the garage. They're too fun not to see every time I walk up and down the steps!
To me, these flowers are a testament to strong friendships and family bonds... Everytime I see them, I think of Ida sharing them with Grandma and now I've been able to pass some along.  

Is there something special to you that you've been able to pass along?

While relocating the red and white flowers today, I decided to make a spur of the moment trip to the nursery to pick up a Gardenia plant to spruce up our deck. We've been using this pot to store the boys' shovels, rakes, etc. for quite some time now and I decided it was high time it got a makeover!


Dawson Cattle Company said...

beautiful flowers! we pass mini iris's between our family. happy week ahead.

The Durrer Family said...

Mini iris's sound like fun! Happy week to you, too!