Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time for Construction!

I am sure those of you who read about our water damage nightmare are wondering how things are going by now...
Well... it is safe to say that the damage was Much Less Extensive than we really expected it to be! In the laundry room, where the A/C unit was removed from this corner, the dry wall, some insulation in the back of the corner, and 4 floor tiles were removed.  
The mold eradication team was able to sand and treat the subfloor where the water had caused mold to grow, but the framing in the wall was clean! 
Same story in the living room! We were actually surprised to find the most damage under the carpet, where the bookcase once stood. The subfloor was moldy about a foot out from the wall in one spot, and about 4 inches out along the wall. Again with clean studs, the team was able to sand and treat.  
The framed plastic barrier that they installed worked like a charm! After all the drywall cutting and subfloor sanding, there is no more dust in the rest of our house than there was before! The wall is still up, both in the living room and the master bedroom, and will remain until it's time to paint and install carpet. No sense letting the little guys have access to this area.
Clean studs looking from the master bedroom into the what once was the shower... 
And the shower where the shower once stood. We got lucky and the water that was running between the tiles, through the grout and into the wall was running under the shower and under the house by trailing along the actual shower drain pipe.
We'll be getting a new shower, 4 new floor tiles, lots of drywall, at least 1 room of carpet, lots of paint and a truckload of insulation! The team hauled away almost a pick-up load of Wet insulation from under our house, where all of the water had collected from the shower and A/C condensation drain.

We are So glad to find that the damage is less than we expected. Now... we are anxiously awaiting a visit from the contractor later today to find out how long he thinks it will take to get things 'back to normal' around here!


Sarah said...

I am glad you updated us! I was worried! Glad to hear that is was not as bad as you had thought - that is always good! Hope it gets fixed soon so you can back to the grind!

Sarah from The House That Ag Built

The Durrer Family said...

Thanks for thinking of us, Sarah! It will be another week before much gets done... But I'm ok with that knowing I get to bring my washer & dryer back in! Happy Wednesday to you!