Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Are you "Pair Savvy?"

Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Artichokes and Mayo.
Fish and Chips.
Boys and Dirt.
Cookies and Milk.
Some pairings are just automatic. There is no going around them.

Cheese and Wine - Crackers - Beer - Chocolate?
Do you know how to best pair your cheese?

Well ... there is an App for that?
No, really... there is!

While crusing through one of my favorite sites, RealCaliforniaMilk.com, I came across this fantastic App that helps you create long lasting impressions on your guests, or just find the perfect treat for yourself!

By selecting one of the search categories - Cheese, Wine, Beer or Chocolate, you will immediately see a list of the best combinations in that category!

For example: When I selected Cheese and then chose Asiago cheese from the menu, I learned that the best Wine pairings are Cabernet, Rioja or Sauvignon Blank
... and the best Beer pairings are Amber Ale or Brown Ale! Below the pairing options, a list of the CA Cheesemakers who produce Asiago cheese are displayed.... and as of today, there is only one!

If it's a Beer that you are looking to pair, and Stout is your preference, you should be on the lookout for a nice Carmody, Sharp Cheddar or Mascarpone.

Maybe a nice Lindt Chili Pepper Chocolate Bar is what you're craving, the best cheese to pair would be an Aged Gouda!

My personal favorite - select the Surprise Pairing and get fantastic surprise pairing options again, and again, and again!

Who knew, right? I didn't, but now... I do! I think it's about time we have some guests over to test some of these wonderful options!

Now I'd like to know... what is your favorite Cheese pairing?

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