Friday, February 03, 2012

A Pinterest Project

Pinterest. Have you heard? Have you been?
Have you come up for air yet?

I held off on pinning for a few months, namely because my home computer had gone on to a new life and I could barely get through the required computer work in the office, let alone getting stuck in the world of Pintering.... Hmmm...
And now, well... let's just say that I have been able to justify my new Pinterest habit by actually following through with ideas that I've come across. Even if it means Summertime desserts in January!
All you need for this project is a bowl of yogurt...

and some beautiful CA Grown strawberries!
Wash and stem the berries.
If you'd rather eat the berries at this stage of the game, you just go right on ahead.

Or, you can roll the berries around in your bowl of yogurt - you can try to use a spoon, but if you need to lick your fingers, go right on ahead and do that. Just be sure to keep the rest of your berries off of the "Serve to Guests" plate.

We did not have vanilla yogurt on hand, so we used the blueberry, peach and strawberry cups that we had in the fridge. The fruit in the yogurt cups would slide off the berries, making it a little harder to coat, but too much yogurt was not going to hurt anyone!

Place the coated berries on a wax paper lined baking sheet...
and stick the sheet into the freezer.
Once frozen, halve the berries -- I recommend taking the berries out at least 10 minutes before serving so they will be just a bit easier to cut. Be sure to use a good sharp knife and a cutting board - or just take them out of the freezer before they are frozen solid. 
Then add your own personal touch... we drizzled chocolate syrup! Yum!

I keep the "left over" berries in a zip-lock bag in the freezer for easy grab-and-go treats. The boys loved them and I'm sure they'll be a daily request once summer rolls around!

So, we want to know... what's your favorite Pinterest project?
Here is the link to this one. Hers look so much prettier than ours. :)


Sarah said...

I am in love with pinterest!! This is such a great idea!

Michelle said...

I have quite a strong relationship with pinterest! lol I have made cleaning supplies, recipes, etc.. from the site. Everything is excellent and such a great way to share ideas.

Colleen Cecil said...

Love this! How did I miss this? Yougurt and starwberries are my Clayton's favorite. Now he can eat them together.