Thursday, June 21, 2012

This is Not a Rural Dumping Ground!

One major benefit to living in a rural area, is that there is quite a bit of space between neighbors. There are fields, orchards, farms, homes and lots of space to enjoy our surroundings and appreciate where our food comes from.

One major downside to living in a rural area, is that there is quite a bit of space between neighbors. Sometimes there may be a stretch of road that is miles long, flanked by farmland and orchards, where no home or farm is in sight.

For some reason, areas like this are a prime target for the lazy bums who can't even take the time to haul their trash to the dump! Seriously! Over the past month, trash heaps like this one...

and this one...

even this one... have been dumped on the side of the road, all within 3 miles of our home.

This loveseat sat on the side of the road for over a month.

On our drive to and from preschool each day, the boys watched as it went from upside down, to right side up, into the orchard, back to the roadside and up on end.

Who in their right mind would think that it is OK to dump their trash in someone elses garden?! I am not typically known for ranting in a blog post, but I am sick and tired of this crap!

We have had refridgerators, trash, tires and yard trimmings dumped in our fields from time to time. The most recent was a newspaper stand that was clearly stolen for whatever change could be ripped from it, and then dumped in our hay field.

Farmers have enough to worry about, without some ya-hoo dumping their junk in their fields and under their trees. Take your crap to the trash like the rest of us! Or just maybe, you'll wake up to find my blown out tire, an old bag of poopy diapers and a junk washing machine on your front yard.

That's all. I'm done now.
Moving on...


Michelle said...

I live in a rural area, but don't have this issue. It would make me mad too! We work hard to take care of our property and don't like to see people dumping! I hope you get this problem solved!

The Coolidges said...

Thank goodness it hasn't happened to us, but we see it down the road all the time. I just don't understand people that do that. It's so irritating!!

Ellen said...

To add to the frustration, clean up usually falls to the landowner. If only people would take the time to be as responsible with the land as farmers are.
Wish there was an easy resolution.