Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thanking our Teachers

Tomorrow... will be our Biggest Little Guy's last day of pre-school. It seems like yesterday was his First Day, and I was trying to keep up with him as he ran in the door!

While I'm Very excited for him to start Kindergarten - though probably not as much as he is, he's been "bored" at school the past few months, because he, "already know(s) everything they are trying to teach (us)!" - I am still a little sad that he's growing up so quickly.

So, tonight we made some gifts for his fantastic teachers! Luckily, our Littlest Guy starts pre-school this fall, so they won't be getting rid of us quite yet. :) Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, we found a super cute idea for Teacher Thank You gifts, so we decided to make our own version!

First, he wrote each teacher their own thank you card, and wished them a happy Summer.

Then he decorated the back of each with Lots and Lots of stickers!

Next, we assembled our supplies - plastic insulated cups with straw & lid (I went with the slightly more expensive ones on the simple notion that they could be tossed into the dishwasher), Lipton and Crystal Light flavor packets and some 4th of July necklaces.

We rolled up the thank you note and slipped it inside, filled the cup with the packets and beads...

and screwed the lids back on.


These were super simple, and all for about $11.50 each. The cups were the most expensive, at about $10 each, but I figured the better cups would last longer and get more use.

What are your ideas for teacher gifts?


Sarah said...

This is such a great idea!! I should do something like this for my teaching partners!

Ellen said...

I liked the idea that it was something they could use - and it was at his level, so all I had to do was the shopping. :)

lisa said...

Thanks Ellen! These turned out so cute and your little guy is adorable =)