Friday, July 16, 2010

Annie's Cal Poly Graduation Weekend!

It has been a Long time since I have set foot in a bar at 6 AM, but duty calls when your baby sister is Graduating from College! As time goes on, things change... No longer is Bulls The place to go in SLO, this year the destination was local. It was definately the first time that I've waited in line for a bar to open, before their lights were even on!
We arrived at 5:45 AM (bar opens at 6) and were the First ones in line! Pretty awesome to be the first ones on graduation day!

While I was a little concerned about what I'd be able to drink at that hour, the Mimosas were flowing Very nicely!
Dad, Uncle Mike, Mom, Aunt Jan and Annie

We weren't the only ones for long!

Breakfast is served!

And these two though Jaeger Bombs were a good idea! Ha... I'll settle for photographer this round! Bottoms up!
This was the line... stretched down the block... when I left at 7 AM to wake up the boys and get them ready for the ceremony. Many of them expected to wait an hour or more! So glad we were the early birds!

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