Friday, July 16, 2010

During the graduation ceremony, the boys found some kids to play with out on the grass, where it was Much cooler.

The rest of our group stuck it out in the hot bleachers.
The dove release... and the video monitor - she's in there somewhere!!

A BIG Squeeze!

Dad, Uncle Mike, Cole, Grammy, Katie, Aunt Jan, Annie, Aunt Diana, myself, Chris & Clayton
Congratulations, Annie!!

Sistas! This is the first picture of the three of us in a Long time!

After the ceremony we spent the day at the pool. Cole left this trail as he crawled from the pool to the hot tub to find Clayton. Clayton & Uncle Mike had some fun in the hot tub!

At dinner, Cole surprised all of us by showing off his Mad Straw Skills!
Woo-Hoo! No need to pack a sippy cup anymore!

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