Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's in our Fridge?

I was just reading Sarah's post over at This Farm Family's Life and got a kick out of the view of her fridge through her camera lens! Since it's a link-up... here goes nothing!

On the top shelf: Grated parmesan cheese (totally hidden), apple juice, sundried tomatoes, pedialite, 1/2 a container of yogurt (that I threatened would be eaten for lunch since it was not finished at breakfast... and there it sits... 3 days later...), pastrami deli meat, whip cream all in the back. Brita water pitcher, pomegranet balsamic dressing, baby spainach, defrosted ham steaks, 2 gallons of milk and a container of black berries.

Moving down: left over pork chops wrapped in foil, a salami stick (we go through one in about 3 weeks), mango chutney, hummus and corn/tomato/red onion/bell pepper salsa my SIL made (Yum!)

The deli drawer: sliced onion, ham & turkey deli meats, misc. cheeses - Oakdale Cheese, Bravo Farms, Fiscalini, Tillamook and Rumiano labels. The Rumiano is one we haven't tried before, the Real CA Cheese logo on the back got me, hook-line-and-sinker! I'll have to let you know!

2 dozen eggs, sliced deli ham, Tillamook white cheddar and baking soda (like that little box is going to help out this mess!)

Today was a Costco day... new package of asparagus and a new box of yogurt. This reminds me, I didn't put the peaches in the fridge when I got home today...

Still... there is more... a Large bottle of champagne, 3 ears of corn on the cob, dish of More sliced onion and a package of tortillas.

First crisper drawer: bag with partial head of iceberg lettuce, zucchini from our garden

Second crisper drawer: Artichokes - nothing else to say here. They're a favorite in our house!

Then there was the door... probiotic powder (for diaper rash due to antibiotics - Amazing Stuff!!), pesto, flavored syrup, hot mustard, lime juice, Sweet Baby Ray's (behind the lime juice), butter, partial bottles of 30 min. marinades, misc dressings, mustard, ketchup, ranch, lemon juice, tapatillo, mayo, pickles, A-1, more mustard, Panda Express orange sauce, partial bottles of wine for cooking... pimentos and maraschino cherries... Oh, my... this door is giving me a headache!

Then there is the Lower freezer drawer... breakfast sausage, almonds, walnuts, assorted "fresh" fruits - kiwi, blueberries and raspberries, pumpkin puree (from last year's garden), pork shoulder ribs, wild turkey, Hawaiian sausage, a bag of whole cranberries I bought last winter (clearly they've been buried), 5 lb. bag of flour...

Top freezer drawer... ice tray, giant bag of mix veggies (for emergencies), Jaeger (Which will be waiting for you when you come to visit us here in CA, Steph!), edamame, partial bag of flour, halibut, "just add milk" smoothie packets, Splash Cafe clam chowder that I picked up at Costco this afternoon (Yaa Hoo!! Fellow Cal Poly associates will testify)...

(under the clam chowder)... a Large bag of chocolate chips, butter, bacon pieces (what will I ever do when I thaw out a 2 lb bag of bacon?!), a frozen dinner (that I did not buy), wooden skewers and stuffed ravioli.

Well... it's time to get on with cooking the ham steaks, a little iceberg and spinach salad... which will it be tonight... asparagus, corn on the cob, garden zucchini or artichokes?

Maybe some other time we can explore the over flow freezer and beverage fridge in the garage... ;)

Now, what I'd like to know is...


Colleen Cecil said...

I love this! Wish I was home I would so take picutres of my fridge. Maybe Friday. Stay tuned and thanks for sharing. Glad to know my door is not the only one with a LOT of bottles of random sauces, dressings and condiments.

Christa Leupen said...

Ahhhh! Ellen! The food safety advocate in me just died a little seeing the defrosted ham steaks on the top shelf and next to the baby spinach.

Did you eat the pork chops with the mango chutney? That's so delish. And Sweet Baby Ray's has never done me wrong!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Thank you so much for linking up!! = ) Clayton and Cole are so cute.

We always have champagne or sparkling wine in our fridge too.

Farmchick said...

I totally need to come to your house to eat! Awesome fridge contents!!

The Durrer Family said...

LOL, Christa! The ham steaks were double wrapped in butcher paper, on a plate with a paper towel, just in case. The spinach was in a freezer ziplock and only up there since this afternoon. I actually used the chutney on the ham steaks tonight and tossed them on the grill... Yum!

Farmgirl- Any time!

Thanks for the great idea, Caroline! This was a kick. I should do it more often... it actually helped me use more items for dinner tonight, totally different perspective on what I saw! :)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that you must have the biggest fridge in the world!! Mine won't fit 1/2 that stuff! Amazing! - The Cool Cousin.

This Farm Family's Life said...

I'm with the Cool Cousin..your fridge must be a lot bigger than mine. Lots of yummy food in there and can I join Farmchick in coming to your house for dinner?? Maybe for some porcupine meatballs or ham steaks??

Sarah said...

Splash Cafe clam chowder is THE BEST!!!! We used to go to Pismo every summer with my granparents and we always went over there to eat.

I made the boyfriend take me there when we drove down to Santa Barbara earlier this year and it was just as good as I remembered!! YUM!!

It was very interesting to see inside your fridge - maybe I will have to try this!