Monday, November 04, 2013

30 Day Series: Day 4 - Modern Medicine

 Today I am thankful for modern medicine. Sure, it sounds a bit cheezy, but after the challenges we encountered during the month of September, modern medicine, doctors, nurses and positive health reports are definitely not to be taken for granted any longer.
Our 6-year-old went to Urgent Care with stomach pains, they sent him to the ER who ultimately had him transported via ambulance to Children's Hospital to have his appendix removed. It was removed before it had a chance to seep, or even worse, rupture, and our hospital stay was relatively brief. 
What we learned: Appendicitis in children is often felt behind their belly button, not on their side.

Our 4-year-old got out of the shower one evening and screamed in pain when daddy was drying him off. We found a golf ball-sized fluid buildup in one side of his scrotum. Having experienced the same thing in our older son about four years ago, we suspected a hernia. He went in for an outpatient procedure to repair the hernia before it could progress.
What we learned: Hernias are not only caused by heavy lifting, but by the passage of fluid out of and back into the main body cavity.
I had a small scare myself, with the removal of a mole that turned out to be Stage 0 Melanoma. At my most recent follow-up appointment got the thumbs-up on the progress of my healing and this photo, courtesy of our little guy.
What we learned: Do Not Ignore changes in your skin! If you haven't already, please check out my post Skin Cancer?? How could that be... 
I am also Thankful for... 
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ellie k said...

So glad your son had his appendix out before it ruptured. I did not and had to spend eleven days in the hospital with iv's running through me.

Ellen Durrer said...

Thank you! We were waiting with bated breath during his surgery and were so relieved that it was relatively "minor".